Remembering loved ones, together.

"Let us steadfastly love one another, for we are bound by powerful bonds of truth, self-sacrifice, and friendship. Bonds which ever increase and go stronger.”

Discover our garden.

The opening words of our Tri Delta motto reminds us of what brought us all together initially and what binds us still today. In particular, we have found that, as time passes, the bonds of friendship with our sisters has continued to grow in strength and depth.

Frequently, as we lose beloved members of Delta Rho, sisters wish to plant a tree or donate a bench in memory of their beloved friend. To accommodate this desire to remember our sisters and further enhance the living spaces at Delta Rho, the House Corps has created the Bond of Friendship Fund to support the building of a Friendship Garden (initially) and the enhancement of our existing outdoor spaces.

With our initial gifts received, we have begun work on the infrastructure of the garden.

Members wishing to support the garden may do so using the link above or via check, made out to Tri Delta Realty Corps, attn; Friendship Garden, and those along with the form should be mailed to: Delta Delta Delta, attn: Friendship Garden, 468 Rose Street, Lexington, KY 40508.
Questions may be directed to Mindy Martin Foley at or 859/227-8315. We look forward to sharing this restful, peaceful space with all our members in the near future.

The Delta Rho chapter of Delta Delta Delta was founded in March of 1923

by 12 young women: Katherine Conroy, Pauline Park, Alice Cherry, Helen Ralston, Edna Gordon, Elizabeth Moorman, Genevieve Kelly, Christine Gearhart, Gene Ward, Elizabeth Lilleston, Magdalene Rogers, and Marie Beckner. In March of 1939, Tri Delta Realty Company, the official arm of our House Corporation, was founded by Mrs. Christine Johnson McBrayer, Ethel Reynolds Lebus, Helen Hifner Fortune, Alice Lang Vance and Kitty Conroy.

In 1958, our home was dramatically improved…

In addition to acquiring and managing a house for the use of the active members, the articles of incorporation listed the nature of the proposed business of the corporation to “promote good fellowship and social life among the members of the corporation and the alumnae and active chapter of Delta Rho.” In 1941, Delta Rho chapter moved into 468 Rose Street and it became the home away from home for our members.

In 1958, our home was dramatically improved with the addition of the dining room and kitchen, 2nd floor (north hall) above and basement below, including our chapter room. Various improvements and repairs were made over the years including the addition of air conditioning, and, from 2012 – 2014, the dramatic improvement of our back patio, side garden and front entry way enabling handicap access to the house from the back.

In May of 2018, our house corps, alumnae and active chapter took a dramatic leap of faith and began a year long renovation project, partially funded by our alumnae who pledged more than $680,000 for this effort. Delta Rho members moved back into the house in August of 2019 and have greatly enjoyed the expanded living and meeting space on our main floor as well as the new rooms above.

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